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An Unexpected Joy at Work…

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Simple JOY

According to Dictionary.com the definition of JOYis:

the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

I love what I do for a living! I love being a therapist, counseling and helping people with very personal and deep issues in their life. Now although I love what I do… it is still my job and some days I go to work and it is just that, my job. It is on those humdrum days that I need a pick me up, or maybe I have to look for the blessings in my career path. Those kinds of days are rare for me however, they do happen.
I was feeling one of those days not too long ago but thankfully, I did not have to look very far for my pick me up. 🙂

Counseling (The Office)

Get it? The Office...

It is not every day (well, for me anyway) to go in to the office and see a crate. Now in my world when there is a crate there must be a dog nearby… I never dreamed that a crate could be used for a cat. However, a cat lover in the office informed me that she uses a crate to take her cat places.

My heart dropped.

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See I am a very much a dog person, I have three of them. I have never been a cat lover, I think this is directly related the fact that if I am even in a small room and another person has cat hair on their clothes I go in to a horrible allergic reaction. Eyes swell, nose itches, and throat itches and tightens up. The works! This happens to a couple of my sisters and my mom and Gran were both allergic too.

So I keep looking at this small crate and I am hoping it is a small dog or puppy and not a cat! What did my friend pull from the crate?
I saw the cutest little black ball of fur, a PUPPY! He was about 12 inches long and his legs were about 2 inches long. I think he might have weighed a pound. His hair was curly and he had a cowlick on the tiptop of his head. He was the cutest!!! When he wagged his tail, his whole butt went side to side. I love that, it’s like the tail is wagging the dog. His tiny, little face was so black I could hardly see his eyes.

Of course, I ask, “what kind of puppy is it? I needed to know, just in case I needed 😉 one of those kind of puppies.

His momma told me that her puppy is a hybrid of a shitzu and poodle also lovingly referred to as a ShitPoo. Oh my, I don’t think I can own a dog with that name. he he. However, as I write this post, I had to look it up online. I just didn’t think that was a very nice name for such a cute puppy.  I found out that its proper name is Shihpoo. That is not what his “moma said”. I think it might have more fun to say it the other way.

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This puppy was a source of JOY for me that day. He was the cutest when he ran across the floor, or tried to bite my foot. The whole place was full of JOY and nurturing love with that little bundle of fluffy, unconditional acceptance in the building. Both the clients and the staff were experiencing the JOY that a dog can bring to one’s life.
Now go give your dog a treat and show him some love. When was the last time you had an unexpected JOY at work? Please share your comments they really mean a lot to me and I really would like to hear back from you!


Children,Family Members, Best Friends, I think yes to all Three!

dogs, family, friends, love them

so are they cute or what?  i love them like family.

jaxon the big black one is a rescue dog.  he was abandoned by his owner’s. 😦  his family just moved away and did not take him with them.  he was left in the backyard to fend for himself.  who does that kind of thing?   oh well, their loss is our gain!  he is such bright dog!  he came house broken, he can eat off of a fork, don’t ask. 😉  he makes me laugh and smile because when he wants something, he does this moaning, singing noise to get my attention.  when he needs out, we ask him if he needs out and he will bark three times,  you know (((bark))) O, (((bark))) U, (((bark))) T.  well in my mind he is spelling.  any way… that is a little about jaxon.  oh one more thing, we gave to our youngest son for christmas last year (2010).

next in the picture is wattson.  he is a white miniature schnauzer.  he is our oldest dog and boy can we tell he is getting older.  he is crabby, gets startled easily, and can’t be bothered anymore.  oh, let me address the misspelling of his name.  when we got wattson he was about 5 weeks old and bright WHITE!  so my husband wanted to call him WATTson, in reference to the wattage of a light bulb.   another don’t ask…the more you read about my world the more insight you will get about my husband…:)

back to wattson, he loves to play soccer!  he is good too.  he dribbles the ball with his nose while running towards me and then when i try to get it from him he moves to the right or left and goes around me.  hehe,  he is better than i am with ball control.  wattson is somewhat of a romantic… he has been married to maggie the little dog next to him for 6 long years.  however, he loves to show his love to me too!  take a look…

love,romance,dog,schnauzer, man's best friendwattson will often come to me and just sit his paw on my foot.  he just sits it there like we are holding hands.  so sweet.

so last but not least is maggie!  maggie is a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer.   she is so sweet, everyone who has met her just falls in love.  she is quiet and sleeps about 18 hours a day in her little bed.  i think she is so worn out from being a mother of 20.

wattson and maggie have had 4 litters of puppies with 5 puppies in each litter.  maggie did not loose even one puppy, she was such  great mom.  after her last litter we took her to the vet…so now no more puppies.  here is a picture of her last litter.  soooo cute!

puppies,miniature schnauzers, too cute,look at those hears!!!  that puppy’s ears are still just like that…my therapy yesterday was playing with my doggies!  they bring such joy to my life.  when i am sick, lonely or sad maggie will come a lay with me to comfort me.  my plan is to have her certified as a therapy dog and let her hang around my office to bring comfort to my clients.

so this is my 6 article, give me some feedback, or just leave a comment so that I know you are out there and i am not just writing to the air.  thanks for stopping by.