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Valentine Story, One bed or Two?





Chocolate Butter Cookies

Made with Love for My Loves

I was making chocolate butter valentine cookies for my children when I looked over and saw the most precious site.

I have written about Maggie and Wattson our Miniature Schnauzer dogs who have been married for longer than most humans have. ; ) Well today is Valentine’s Day so I thought I would share a love story.  I  took this picture of  the two of them curled up in the same doggie bed.

puppies, love, marriage

Now each of our three dogs have their own beds but sometimes Wattson will squeeze in to Maggie’s bed.It reminds me of Lucy and Ricky, on the I love Lucy show. Too cute!


I know it's not Valentine yet but I'm full of ...

Love Sign


This is a short story however; it comes with a good lesson for those of us married. One of us needs to take the first step and move towards the other so that we can feel the warmth and love of the other. I hope you have enjoyed my Valentine Love story. As for my Valentine and me…He is working on our car, it died on him a couple of times on the way home and he is in the Wal-Mart Parking lot replacing a battery in his work clothes. Maybe I should cook for him. ? I did not plan anything because I thought we were going out…




Grand Baby, Life Lesson, Meet Kevin!

beautiful daughter

A carefree Life!

A few days ago, I became a virtual grandmother.  My daughter brought home one of those “For Real Babies” issued by the school.  This baby is to give the simulation of being a mom.  Yesterday was her third day to be a “Mommy”.  She is sooo tired of the JOB.  However, there is no, spit up, poopie diapers, or other “real life” situations, such as fever, croup, or medical bills.

The first day, the baby cried so hard and Missy Moo (my daughter) could not get the baby calm.  She was not at home with me, Grammie, because she said, “I can do whatever I want this baby won’t slow me down” famous last words…

Well by the time, she came back home my husband and I heard the door open, then a screeching crying. It was the baby; Missy Moo had tried for 45 minutes in a parking lot to get the baby to calm down with no luck.  Papa, my husband, took the baby as I tried to calm my baby.

Papa was able to calm the baby; Missy Moo, on the other hand, was not so easy to calm.  The baby was crying, she was crying and yelling.  I assured her that this assignment was temporary and she would be ok.  She finally calmed down once the baby stopped crying.

The next day, the back fell out of the baby, the batteries came out, and it “died”.  This gave us a good 20 minutes of silence; Missy Moo was in panic mode once again.   Papa and Big Man (my 16-year-old son) was to the rescue and was able to “fix” the baby. I calmed Missy Moo once again.

virtual baby

My Virtual Grandson "Kevin"

I had a great laugh yesterday.  We were at a fast food restaurant and the “baby” had not made a noise since 5pm.  What a great baby, however it was now 7:30pm and we just sat down to eat.  Missy Moo’s boyfriend was just walking towards us with the food. Wouldn’t you know it, just on cue, “Kevin” the baby, began to cry.  He was hungry.  I tried not to laugh, I really did.  However, I could not help it.   Hehehe!

Missy Moo had to sit there while her food was getting cold to feed the baby.  This took 30 minutes. Her boy friend kept trying to see if he needed to do something, to help in some way, but he did never stopped eating.  He is a great boyfriend and once he was finished eating he did  finish feed the baby and burped him.  I was sure to remind them that “Kevin” was an easy baby even on “his” worst day.  Nothing compares to a real baby.

So, as a mom it was hard not to do everything for Missy Moo and “Kevin” but this was a great lesson for my daughter, and for her boy friend for that matter.

Love, puppy love, happiness

They Think They Know It All!

Here is a real life confession: I cannot wait for grand babies.  I just do not want them until the time is right and the baby’s family is just that… “a family” and not just a random  hook up.

Well, I hope you had as good as a laugh as I did.

Please leave your comments or stories about your experience with a “For Real Baby”.  Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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Sunday Dinner

yesterday my therapy was cooking for my family. i spent the evening creating homemade pasta with my kitchen-aid pasta attachment i received for christmas. the pasta i made last night was for a homemade lasagna. the pasta would accompany the homemade spaghetti sauce i made last week. all the ingredients were layered and tucked away in my refrigerator waiting to be cooked today after church!noodles, sauce, gravy, flour,

i have never attempted to pre-make a lasagna the night before. my prayer is that it holds together and is wonderful when it’s done. i have been known to have some epic failures with lasagna. once i made it and told my family it was lasagna soup, they ate it right up 🙂melted cheese, itallian food, parmisian cheese, layers

as i was finishing up the lasagna my 16-year-old son came in and asked ” are you making home-made cheese sticks with the left over mozzarella?”. being the great mom that i am ;), i agreed to his request. so i formed and dipped and double dipped the mozzarella like the recipe i saw on the food network. they are now in the freezer awaiting to be fried in to a wonderful golden brown gooey treasure.cheese sticks, mozzarella, string cheese, fryer i guess all i need now is a great salad and we will be set for our after church lunch!