Life Story

hello there, thank you for stopping by to read about the joys in my life!  So  here are some of the  names and titles i will answer to ~ christine,sunshine,mom,sister,daughter and friend…

i have been married for almost 19 years to the same man! this has been quite an accomplishment!  my marriage has had its ups and downs, however today i would say that i am married to  the man of my dreams!

my husband and i have three very different children and they are all my favorites, of course  for very different reasons!

we have “missy moo” our 17 year old daughter, “big man” our 16 year old son and “boogie bear” our 12 year old with special needs.  boogie bear has been “officially” diagnosed with cerebral palsy, seizure disorder with status epilepticus , and global developmental delay

“missy moo” and “big man” are strong as rocks!   see at a young age they would have to man their posts at a moments notice while ambulances, and life flight helicopters would come and go from our house on a monthly basis.  my little man would stand outside to wave down the ambulance and “missy moo” would call nana, and put the dogs away( so they would not bite the paramedics), all on a single verbal cue that anyone of  us would yell out! “he is seizing! ”

i know this sounds horrible, and don’t get me wrong it was, however this was our “normal”.  today the seizures have stopped thanks to GOD, and the wonderful surgeon that performed a corpus callosotomy. now days our normal is teenagers going in two different directions and the other one trying to find his way in his new seizure free world.  now we just have the morning hustle and fussing, afternoon home work, football, after school jobs and everything else that makes for a crazy not so “normal” life. what is “normal” anyway?

so through out this hectic, drama, stress filled life i have NEEDED to apply some self therapy along the way. did i mention i have 4 sisters?  oh, did i forget to mention that i went to college during all the activity.  i am now a masters level  professional counselor and need self therapy even more than ever before.  this is my way of staying sane in a not so sane life.  i thought i would share some of my ways to REMAIN CALM so that no one will get hurt. 🙂

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