My Head is Dizzy with Spring in the Air.

So I have been away for quite sometime.  I do have a good excuse…(don’t we all).

Robin Egg??

April 4th while trying to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and nature all around me, I had an accident.  My husband and I  put up bird feeders because, although I am highly allergic to feathers and could never have a bird in my house… I love birds, well most  birds.  Cardinals, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Mourning Doves, Redheaded Woodpeckers, Red Breasted Robins…Well these are the birds I have seen feeding in my yard so far.

Ok, back to the accident… For those of you who know me personally, I am a wee bit vertically challenged.  See. the window pane frame was right in my line of sight.  I could not see the birds enjoying the buffet I  placed before them, only the feeder.  So what does a short, (vertically challenged) woman do when she can’t see something or reach something?  Well this one climbs on chairs, stands on the counter, or sometimes yells for my husband or one of the kids to come and reach this or that.

Well on the morning of April 4th, I just got a big pillow and  put it in my recliner, you know like a booster seat at restaurants. That seemed a perfectly logical thing to do.  Well while I was adjusting my self for a morning of bird watching…CRASH, the recliner got top heavy and back I went.  That shouldn’t be too bad right?  One might have even wanted to laugh…Well I moved the recliner before I sat in it so when I went back, and now remember my head is now  higher than the back of the recliner, I cracked my head on the wooden table behind me.

Oh my, did I see stars…..***  I cried, literally.  Luckily my husband was working from home that day.  He watched me for a little while and decided I needed to go to ER, I had a horrible headache.  I also hit my neck.  I kinda hit a vertical line from my ear to the tip top of my neck.  It broke the skin but did not really bleed.

So the ER gives me morphine and Phenergan for my nausea I was having as well.  So of course I felt better, way better… however when I woke the next day the Motrin they prescribed was not working at all, I was very dizzy and uncoordinated.  So my Knight in Shinning Armor, took me to my regular doctor.  He checked me over told my husband and I that I was very, very lucky this could have ended badly.  He gives me major muscle relaxers, and pain pills.

So off home we go…I am felling really good again.  So we had been planning a beach trip for the next day and I did not want the whole family to suffer because I had a bump on my head.  Well I don’t even know how I got to the beach, I don’t remember walking on to the beach, but I know I was at the beach, they showed me pictures!  I don’t remember the ride home.

The next day I get up and start helping my son cook in the kitchen.  This was my older son, the football player, strong boy.  Thank God for strong sons.  I told him I was going to go lie down because I was feeling….out like a light.  I fainted.  Well this worried him, so he called his dad and dad rushed home from church and rushed me to the ER.  More Morphine, more phenergan, and a CT to make sure I did not have a slow bleed.  Oh how scary.

Well, good news, no bleed just a concussion.  They told me I was suffering from post concussion syndrome.  I am just now today feeling like myself again.  I lost 22 days of my life to dizziness, fatigue, major headaches, and memory loss.  now that is crazy to have memory loss it is so scary to have missing parts of your day or life.

So my wonderful husband remedied the situation to avoid further injury while I bird watch.  Now I have this beautiful bird sanctuary outside my bedroom window and I could see everything from my bed while I was recovering.

So how is your Spring Going???????


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