One Sick, Two Sick, Three Sick, No More!

so the week started out with one child being sent home with a fever of 103.  off to the doctors we go!  what’s wrong you ask?  how would i know for sure, because the CDC has asked physicians not to test for the flu! just to treat clinically if suspected.   my guess is the doctor must have suspected or why would she bring it up right?  well it was not strep throat, that test came back negative, so no antibiotics.  the doctor gives him instructions to stay home for THREE days!  my big, strong football man is running a fever and we have no idea what it causing it other than a virus.?! let me just say here that three days home does not work for an honors high school student.  he cannot afford to stay home for an hour much less three days. oh and all absents are unexcused in my lovely district.  how they can get away with that i will never understand, it’s in the handbook though.?.   any way i digress…as hard as I tried, i could not get him to stay home and rest.  off to school the next morning to share his germs with other kids who have no excused absents either.  share and share alike i guess.

so the littlest is sick now, running fever, sniffing, sneezing, coughing, not as active as usual, yet still very talkative!  i enjoyed him being home with me though.  see my littlest is our special needs child.   just as i was starting to get frustrated that he was talking nonstop, ( i was missing my treasured quiet time while everyone was at work and school) he brings me his baby book and asks me to sit down and look at it with him. he is so sentimental!  the first picture in his album, he asks me about this one all the time, is the one i was given to look at, because he had been taken to another hospital across town to the NICU.     here is that picture.

he has an amazing story, but this is not the time for me to share it in detail.  i will share it one day.  i was looking at this picture when he was diagnosed with a grade iv inter-cranial hemorrhage. and that he was grave condition.  see a  grade iv bleed is the worst bleed a person can have, he only had 15% chance of survival.

Since he did survive, (praise the LORD)  we were told that he would NEVER, walk or talk, he was given a very dim prognosis.

here is another picture they took, this was the first time i got to touch him.

So MY THERAPY YESTERDAY WAS sitting on the couch hugging my little man, looking at his sweet baby pictures (he is 12 now).  i love looking at these memories, even though it was the hardest part of my life.  it was a miraculous time as well.  so, needless to say, my miracle boy can talk and talk and talk and talk!  by the way, he can walk too!  my GOD is awesome! if you want me to share about this time in our lives just drop me a comment.  when I get 15 comments I will tell the story or at least start it, because his story is not finished yet!!!

so back to the sickness,

well the third one sick is my hubby…he is so noisy when he is sick, moaning and groaning. POOR BABY!  😉  i pointed out that our little man had been home all day and did not moan or groan all day.


it is kinda funny that the two girls in the house are not sick…  wonder why that is?  well any way i am glad i have not gotten “what ever it is”  yet…  well that’s all for now i need to go play nurse maid to my boys, thanks for reading. 🙂


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