Happy Birthday Mommy, I wish you were here.

yesterday was my mom’s birthday!  i did not feel like writing so i will share with you today. i did not feel up to writing yesterday because my mom is no longer with me to share special moments, like birthdays, anymore.  it has been six years since she quite quickly, passed away from kidney cancer.  i miss her every day but especially on birthdays, and holidays.  any one who has lost a loved one knows what i mean.

mom,nana,sister,daughterhowever, i want to share about food, comfort and other things that make me happy so enough sad words, let me tell you what i did to comfort myself yesterday…

so my therapy yesterday was making authentic scottish tablet.   it is a very time-consuming activity.  i patiently stood over the sugary, buttery concoction and constantly stirred it for 45 min while it was bubbling hot, careful not let it burn! then once removed from the heat it had to be constantly stirred as it cooled, about another 15 minutes.

the end result is this super sweet, buttery fudge that just melts in my mouth, YUM!  a cup of hot tea is my beverage of choice with this confection. the hot tea clears away the sugar in my mouth, then i am ready for another indulgent bite. today i enjoyed the tablet and hot tea in my mom’s favorite tea-cup.  i am so happy i have this mug.  even though there is sadness in my heart still, just pulling out the mug to use puts a smile on my face!

teacup,scottish tablet, tea mug, hot tea, candy, fudgeas i was making this treat yesterday i used the time to reflect on memories of my mom and i making tablet together.  although i did most of the hard work and she supervised! 😉

mom daughter, washing dishes, water fight, kitchen funabove is a picture of my mom and i in the kitchen together. see the dark spots on my shirt, on the left arm? well my mom and i had just had a small water fight while doing the dishes! i was in junior high school, you know the awkward but fun years. gotta love the 80’s!  i guess this was the age that i started being interested in learning more about my scottish heritage and wanting to learn to cook traditional scottish food.

here is a little background on the scottish heritage…my mom was born and raised in scotland and came to america with my dad after they were married in scotland.  my dad was in the u.s. navy and was stationed in scotland for a while.  so he married my mom and brought her to america. their per-marital relationship was about as long as the story i just told you, yet they were married until death parted them.

one of my favorite scottish meals that i learned to  make is mince and tatties.  this is my ultimate comfort food! yum.  (pictured below)
comfort food, scottish food, peas, groundbeef, mashed potatoesmy mom would make this and the whole family would come together at her house and eat it all up.  i am the only daughter out of 5 that ever learned how to make this meal while my mom was still alive.  i think some of them have now learned.  i learned from my mom because i loved being in the kitchen with her and my gran (her mom) for that matter!

some of my best memories growing up is when my gran and grandpa would come over from scottland and stay with us for months at a time.  i loved the  time i spent  with gran in the kitchen.   i would follow her into the kitchen trying to learn scottish cooking.  i just loved learning to cook with the two of them.

i guess cooking with my mom and grandmother was my way of connecting to my scottish roots!  i love being 1/2 scottish, well to tell the truth i wish i was full blood scottish, but i will take 1/2!    i bought a great shirt a few years ago at the clover scottish  games that reads… made in america with scottish parts!  i love that shirt.

scottish shirt, american shirt, american flag, scottish flag


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mommy, I wish you were here.

    • Margaret,
      Thank you I really enjoyed writing this blog. I can’t wait to see what else flows from my heart!

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