Sunday Dinner

yesterday my therapy was cooking for my family. i spent the evening creating homemade pasta with my kitchen-aid pasta attachment i received for christmas. the pasta i made last night was for a homemade lasagna. the pasta would accompany the homemade spaghetti sauce i made last week. all the ingredients were layered and tucked away in my refrigerator waiting to be cooked today after church!noodles, sauce, gravy, flour,

i have never attempted to pre-make a lasagna the night before. my prayer is that it holds together and is wonderful when it’s done. i have been known to have some epic failures with lasagna. once i made it and told my family it was lasagna soup, they ate it right up 🙂melted cheese, itallian food, parmisian cheese, layers

as i was finishing up the lasagna my 16-year-old son came in and asked ” are you making home-made cheese sticks with the left over mozzarella?”. being the great mom that i am ;), i agreed to his request. so i formed and dipped and double dipped the mozzarella like the recipe i saw on the food network. they are now in the freezer awaiting to be fried in to a wonderful golden brown gooey treasure.cheese sticks, mozzarella, string cheese, fryer i guess all i need now is a great salad and we will be set for our after church lunch!


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